4 Reef Tank LED Lighting Kits: Which Is Right For You?

4 Reef Tank LED Lighting Kits Which Is Right For You

As we move into the new year, it’s time to start thinking about what reef tank LED lighting kits will be the best for our tanks. There are many different types and brands of reef tank lights on the market, so it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Current USA […]

The Best Sumps for Saltwater Aquariums in 2022

The Best Sumps for Saltwater Aquariums in 2022

Are you planning to buy a sump for your saltwater aquarium but are confused with so many options out there? How would you like us to help you choose the perfect sump that best meets all your reef tank needs? Sounds Interesting? Perfect! Let’s start! But first: What is an Aquarium Sump? A sump is […]

The Best Reef Tank Gadget Ideas To Check Out

aquarium cleaner

If you’re a fish or coral enthusiast, then you know that having a reef tank is the ultimate way to enjoy your underwater friends. But keeping a reef tank can be difficult – it requires a lot of maintenance and knowledge to get it right. So having the right equipment is crucial to keeping your […]

Aquarium Sump: A Necessity or Added Luxury To Your Saltwater Tank?

sump scaled

To jump right to the point here, a sump is neither a necessity nor added luxury, the reef tank sump is an innovation to simplify fish keeping. I believe it’s absolutely fair to say that the most avid Aquarists you’ll meet today started their hobby with a standard aquarium without a sump, so, aquarium sumps […]

Starphire Glass Aquariums: Do You Need One & Everything You Want To Know

Starphire Glass Aquariums

Looking for the perfect Starphire Glass Aquarium? Here is the distinctive guide that will help you shop smart. Starphire is the brand name for high-clarity glass with low iron content. This type of glass is mainly used for one or all 3 viewing panels in the case of luxury aquariums. But the term is often […]