Starphire Glass Aquariums: Do You Need One & Everything You Want To Know

Starphire Glass Aquariums

Starphire Glass Aquariums: Do You Need One & Everything You Want To Know

Looking for the perfect Starphire Glass Aquarium? Here is the distinctive guide that will help you shop smart. Starphire is the brand name for high-clarity glass with low iron content. This type of glass is mainly used for one or all 3 viewing panels in the case of luxury aquariums. But the term is often confused as synonymous with the other low-iron glass aquariums, just like we use Kleenex for facial tissues in general.

What makes Starphire better than other Glass Types?

While searching for a good aquarium, you will see that Starphire or other low-iron glass brands are comparatively expensive. Well, the question arises, why does Starphire cost more than other glass varieties. It is because:

True-to-life Visuals: In simple words, Starphire is more transparent than the “Clear Glass” and allows up to 90-91% visible light transmittance. Ultimately, it enhances the color aesthetics and lets the vivid colors shine through. Also, the Starfire promises the same durability as its other clear alternatives but with better visual impact.

Composition: Starfire is formed of silica with low iron content that minimizes the bluish-green tint compared to other glass applications. Furthermore, the sand used in its composition has only 0.01% ferric oxide, which is 10X lesser than other glass plates. Though the tint is minimal in small aquariums with thin glass, it is considerably prominent in aquariums of large sizes.  

All the extravagant aquariums use low-iron glass for the viewing panes on all the 3 sides. But to make them more affordable, most of the manufacturers use low-iron glass for the forward-facing panel. It cuts down the manufacturing cost and works well if you are on a budget.

Is low-iron glass worth the price?

The Starphire glass is definitely worth the price with so many outstanding qualities. But before finally deciding to get one, there are a few things to consider in person. First off, think about why you are getting the aquarium. If your sole purpose is to get a frag-to-grow out tank or a quarantine tank, you can consider a typical plate-glass aquarium. But if you want a rimless aquarium for beauty and ornamental purposes, I suggest a Starphire glass aquarium.

Moreover, if you have a limited budget option, you can consider single-panel low-iron glass aquariums. Owing to the high market demand and so much competition, more budget-friendly options are available. So, why go with something ordinary when you can get a high-quality Starphire glass aquarium by just adding a few more dollars.

Starphire VS other authoritative brands- A general comparison!

Any business in the world follows the same simple rule; you pay for the product as well as the brand name. While Starphire is a leading brand for low-iron glass, you have many good options. For instance, UltraClear glass, Krystal Klear, Pilkington’s Optiwhite, Diamant, Starlite, and EuroWhite are also performing well in the market. You can also search for a quality aquarium using generic terms like “high-clarity” or “low-iron,” etc. This way, you can get the same great quality saving a few dollars in your hand.  

Key Takeaway

Low-iron glass is always worth the investment, especially regarding color aesthetics and feng shui. But remember, next time you hear the word “Starphire,” make sure you properly check the brand details. Most retailers use the word “Starphire” for the entire range of high clarity glass. It’s not because they are trying to scam you, but most probably because people generally equate Starphire with low-iron glass. Also, it’s simpler to say one word (Starphire) than three. So, when in doubt, clarify from your retailer or research before buying. So, treat your homes and offices with the Starphire glass aquariums to get the classy perfection you always want.

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