Astrea Snail: A Helpful Addition to Your Reef Tank

Astrea Snail: A Helpful Addition to Your Reef Tank

Astrea Snail: A Helpful Addition to Your Reef Tank

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The Astraea snail is a popular choice for reef tanks because of its efficient algae-grazing abilities. In addition to grazing on live rock, this snail will also consume detritus, uneaten food, and other organic matter that can accumulate in a reef tank.

The Astraea turbo snail is a hardy little creature that can tolerate a wide range of water conditions. This makes it an ideal candidate for both beginner and experienced reefers alike. Astrea snails are relatively slow-moving creatures, so they are not likely to out-compete other grazers in your tank such as fish or hermit crabs. In fact, many reefers choose turbo snails specifically to help control nuisance algae growth.

Astraea turbo snails are not known to reproduce in captivity, so they must be acquired through commercial sources like Queen City Corals in North Carolina. These snails typically range in size from one to two inches in length. They should be slowly acclimated to your aquarium and introduced into the tanks of established systems.

Are Astrea snails reef safe?

When choosing a new addition to your reef tank, it’s important to consider whether or not they are reef safe. Fortunately, Astrea snails are a great choice for reef tanks as they pose no threat to corals and other invertebrates. 

How big do Astrea snails get?

Astrea snails can get up to 1.5 inches in length but typically grow to around 1 inch long. They are a small, dark gray color with a white band around their shell.

These snails are very active and thrive in both salt and freshwater habitats, making them an ideal addition to many reef tanks.

The Key Differences Between Trochus Snails and Astrea Snail

Reefers, especially the novice, often seek out snails to help maintain their tanks. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which type of snail is right for your tank. We’ll compare two of the most popular options: trochus snails and astrea snails. By the end, you should better understand the key differences between these two types of snails and which one might be best for your tank.

Comparing the lifespan of Trochus and Astrea snails.

Trochus snails have a lifespan of 2 to 3 years, while Astrea snails can live up to 5 years. This longer life span may provide benefits for reefers who use these snails as part of their tank cleanup crew.

However, it’s important to note that snail lifespan can also be affected by factors such as water conditions, food availability, and predation. In addition, some snails have been known to live much longer in captivity than in the wild, so proper care is essential for extending a snail’s lifespan.

Overall, understanding the species’ lifespan in your reef tank can help you provide the best possible care and ensure a long and healthy life for your invertebrates.


One of the first things you will notice when looking at Trochus and Astrea snails is that Trochus snails are significantly larger. On average, Trochus snails can grow to be about 2 inches in diameter, while Astrea snails only grow to be about 1 inch in diameter.

This may not seem like a big difference, but it can significantly impact your bioload (the amount of waste your tank produces). Therefore, if you are looking for a snail that will have a minimal impact on your bio load, Astrea snail is the way to go. 


Another noticeable difference between Trochus and Astrea snails is their appearance. Trochus snails have conical shells with brown and white bands running vertically down their shell. On the other hand, Astrea snails have more round shells with horizontal brown stripes running across their shell. 

Where to Buy Astrea Snail?

Interested in adding some diversity to your aquarium? Consider the Astrea Snail, available for just $1.20 at Queen City Corals. These small snails are valuable members of any tank’s clean-up crew, their attractive spiraled shells add a pop of color, coming in shades of red, brown, and white.

And with a maximum size of less than one inch, they won’t take up too much space either. So stop by Queen City Corals and pick up an Astrea Snail for your tank today. 

Final Thought

Astraea turbo snails are peaceful animals that get along well with most other tank mates. So if you’re looking for an effective way to control nuisance algae growth or simply want to add a beautiful and beneficial animal to your reef tank, look no further than the Astraea turbo snail!

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